Friday, 13 January 2012

Using Technology to Help Your Restaurant Business Attract New Customers

There's an App for that !!!

In todays crazy, and highly competitive world we all need to look for that special uniqueness that sets our business apart from the competition...

In-App Reservations - Customers can be provided with this convenient feature within your restaurant app which will let them make a reservation, then receive confirmation through an email with the date, time and party size and also turn-by-turn directions to your restaurant location.
This allows your customers to make reservations at a time convenient to them. Your customers can even call you with an easy one-touch button on the landing page of your custom app.

Digital Menus - You can impress your customers with a “digital menu”. Customers will astounded by the way they are served by you, even before their welcome drink! By offering them a facility to choose their menu on iPad or other tablet, you provide them a sophisticated way to select their meals.
These types of electronic meal selection are fabulous, as they can easily search for their favorite cuisines and dishes. This digital menu can be simple, and also stimulating and directional.
You can help your customers with suggestive themes, and specially segregated layouts which can really help revolutionise the way they order. Imagine placing a screen in front of them, which offers a simple selection module with a separate section for both non-vegetarian and vegetarian and other cuisines!

Google Maps-Based Apps - You can integrate Google maps in your restaurant app to help customers in reaching your restaurant or its different branches using Google maps. Youre venue can also be tagged and will show up in results when anyone searches for restaurants or keys in some specifically selected key words.

Promotional Apps - You can interact with your customers directly and keep them updated 24/7 with promotional and special offerings. You can also encourage your customers to refer more people and offer them auto generated privilege offers and loyalty points.

Update Apps - You can share amazing videos and pictures of your restaurant. Party space, events, celebrity visits, food, hospitality and occasional decorations can be shared with guests and customers.
With mobile apps, you can also share chef’s specials, video testimonials, information on different branches, signature services, facilities and birthday celebrations which you can make available as a part of your extended services with the help of intuitive videos.

Payment Apps - You can take payment from your customers easily with a module that processes credit cards. Also offer them loyalty points, cross-promotional offers and additional privileges. Apps can even compare their current bill with the bill that they would have paid if they had visited your restaurant during happy hours or other promotional times. Why not even include a simple tip calculator!
By developing custom mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices for your restaurant business, you can open the doors to some of your best promotional strategies.
It is possible, to use various mobile applications to help your restaurant business attract more customers within a relatively short time.

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